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Latin for Homeschoolers isn’t just for homeschoolers! Our online Latin tutors have been supporting all types of students — homeschooled, online, correspondence, or traditional  — for over a decade.

Online Homeschool Latin Tutor

Latin 1 and 2

Success in Latin class requires mastery of a cumulative set of concepts. For example, a student who does not master Concept 1 in the first week of Latin class will have difficulty moving on to Concept 2 or Concept 3 during the second week of Latin class. By the time he gets to Concept 10 or 12 in the sixth week of Latin class, the struggling student feels caught in a cycle of stress and failure. No matter what Latin textbook your are using, our expert online Latin tutors will break the cycle and help your student to thrive in Latin class. We fill in the gaps in knowledge, provide a framework for a productive approach to Latin study, and help students gain confidence while improving their Latin grades!

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Advanced Latin Students

Students are often overwhelmed by the transition from elementary to advanced Latin. It is one thing to memorize charts and vocabulary, but quite another to handle advanced concepts like indirect statements, dependent subjunctive clauses, gerunds, gerundives, and conditional sentences while simultaneously translating or reading authentic Latin works. Even those who did well in Latin 1 and 2 can get frustrated! Not only do our online tutors help students to conquer advanced Latin grammar, they will also guide students to understand, comprehend, and sometimes even enjoy what they are reading in Latin class. Get started with your online Latin tutor today!