The Flexible School Solution

Our flexible services are an excellent resource for any school.  We are happy to work within an existing program or design a custom course to meet the needs of an individual student.

Online Latin Tutor Credit FlexHere are a few examples of how our flexible online tutors have been able to help students earn credit through their schools.

  • An Ohio student transferred to a new high school during the second semester of his freshman year.  His new school did not offer Latin.  He was able to work with his online Latin tutor to earn the last half credit of Latin 1.
  • A junior in Ohio meets with her online Latin tutor during study hall so she can earn credit for Latin III, which isn’t offered at her school.
  • A Minnesota sophomore transferred into a new high school.  Her online Latin tutor helped her cover the first year of Latin over summer break so that she could jump into Latin 2 in the fall.
  • A New York school found itself without a Latin teacher on short notice. We provided an instructor who taught two live Latin classes via webcam and whiteboard for the entire academic year.

We are also an excellent resource for students who:

  • Are unable to attend peer tutoring after school due to conflicts with extra-curricular activities.
  • Are absent from school for extended periods of time due to illness or other personal reasons.

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