Case Studies

A mother in Reno, Nevada writes about her son’s success with an online Latin tutor from Latin for Homeschoolers.

My son began the 7th grade at a private school with no experience in learning a foreign language. He was enrolled in Latin with students that had received Latin classes for 2 years. His learning curve was very steep and being behind and not performing well was very stressful for him and was impacting his focus in all other subjects.

I struggled to find a tutor locally, but was not able to find reliable and credible resources.

I was referred to Ms. Christine Hahn by my son’s Latin teacher. She was located on the east coast and used SKYPE and VOIP for communication.  I was very skeptical that this process would be effective.

Clearly, my “old school” approach to this method couldn’t have been more wrong. My son adapted to the communication tools within 5 minutes. He used his laptop for SKYPE and we connected another low-cost monitor to his workstation where Ms. Hahn referenced the whiteboard tools for teaching.

I was amazed at the use of technology and how my son responded. And, the teaching method was
effective.  He went from failing his Latin class to a B.

Ms. Hahn has a very relaxed and fun teaching approach that made learning fun and enjoyable. This year we are using another tutor in her group that is located on the west coast, which makes scheduling much easier. The new tutor has been well received by my son and has the same relaxed and fun approach that Ms. Hahn has. He currently holds an A in his Latin class.

If you are looking for a tutor that makes learning fun and produces results, her services will not
disappoint you.

An online Latin tutor from Latin for Homeschoolers enabled a college student in Pennsylvania to pass a difficult correspondence course.

“I am a Junior in college, and lately I have been wishing there was an online tutor as helpful as Mrs. Hahn available for all the tough courses I take, who could guide me through the subjects I struggle with the way Mrs. Hahn guided me through Latin.

Before I went off to school, I was taking an online Latin college course. I was not doing well in the course at all. The assignments were piling up fast and it didn’t look like I was going to pass the class.

So I went searching for a tutor and found Mrs. Hahn. I had a short amount of time to understand and complete many late assignments, as well as prepare for tests. I felt that I had more than I could handle in this class. Mrs. Hahn helped me devise a plan to complete all the assignments as well as prepare for the test.

For several weeks it was like a virtual Latin boot camp. I learned so much about Latin in those few weeks. And I learned more about Latin than I could have imagined. And I was very happy about the grade I received on my tests.

The next semester I went away to college. I took a more advanced Latin course.  All the semester,  I felt ahead of the friends I studied with because I had such a solid grasp of the basic concepts from studying with Mrs. Hahn. I often referred back to concepts and tools I had learned with her in my translation work.

I would highly recommend Mrs. Hahn’s Latin tutoring online. Nothing can beat one-on-one interaction when it comes to learning Latin. Mrs. Hahn’s patient explanations help concepts “click” in your mind. Whether you are already taking a course and struggling to keep up, or if you want to learn Latin but don’t have access to a traditional teacher,  Latin for Homeschoolers is the resource for you.”

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