How often should my homeschooled student meet with his or her Latin tutor — Part 2


How Often Should I Meet with my Online Homeschool Latin TutorPart 1  answered this question for students who are enrolled in another Latin class, in a traditional or a homeschooled setting.   This is Part 2, which answers this question for homeschooled students whose Latin tutor is their primary instructor.

Short (boring) answer:  High school students working towards foreign language credit should plan for 60-90 minutes of weekly instruction, which is divided into two or three sessions.  Advanced (Latin 3 and above) students should plan for a minimum of three weekly sessions of 30-45 minutes, especially if they intend to take the SAT Latin Subject Test or the AP Latin Exam.

The list below shows the responsibilities of the homeschooling parent, student, and online Latin tutor in this scenario.

Homeschooling Parent

  1. Work with the Latin tutor to select an outstanding curriculum.
  2. Encourage students to study Latin consistently every day.
  3. Take a nap, relax, teach other students, fold laundry, wash dishes, surf on Facebook, train for a marathon, or (insert your favorite activity here) while student is happily learning Latin with his awesome tutor.
  4. Pay the Latin tutor.  smiley


  1. Spend 45-60 minutes a day, five days a week, working on assignments, reviewing vocabulary, reading Latin, etc.
  2. Have a great time learning Latin from a passionate, dedicated, knowledgeable tutor.

Latin Tutor

  1. Help parents to select the best Latin curriculum for their student.
  2. Teach Latin and share love of Latin.
  3. Design and schedule assignments for each day of academic year.
  4. Design and grade quizzes and tests.
  5. Provide documentation for transcript purposes.

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