Our system is designed to bring Latin tutors and students together in a fun, personalized environment.  In this short video, a third grade student demonstrates the nuts and bolts of the online classroom.

Every advanced National Latin Exam (Latin 3 or higher) includes at least one question on the Roman calendar system. This video will show you the five terms, one exception, and funky counting method necessary to tackle any National Latin Exam calendar question.

You can download it here.

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There is a new televison show on ABC called GCB. Despite my general lack of interest in television, GCB has invaded my consciousness, because ABC has done such a thorough job of announcing it to the country via radio and internet advertisements. Given that I run two online companies, I can't escape to a cave for the next few months and avoid news about this show or anything else that has seeped into modern life.

An aspiring author has written a new book, entitled Selections from Ovid's Metamorphoses. She is seeking student evaluators from the homeschooling community.  This book is written for intermediate to advanced Latin students.  It contains 578 lines of unadapted Latin with vocabulary and explanatory notes next to and under the Latin text. Answer key is included.

Question 1:  What was the most common point of departure for a person sailing from Italy to Greece?

Question 2:  What was the Roman name for the Mediterranean Sea?

(Answers Below)

The National Latin Exam always includes at 2-3 geography questions. Learn the locations of these 19 places, and you will be covered for the Intro and Latin 1 tests!